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Professional Wedding Photographer

I’m a wedding photographer based in Lancashire, but I shoot weddings all over the UK and if you want me, abroad too!

As I write this, it's February 2019 and I can't believe I'm about to say it but, I’m just entering my 11th year photographing weddings.  I’ve been to over 500 glorious wedding days and delivered well over half a million images in my career.

Yet to be honest, what's really important to me is delivering the best service I can for my couples, helping them have the most amazing wedding day possible and aiming higher with each wedding I shoot.

I’m a storyteller, and your wedding is exactly that – a story.

There's a tale that weaves throughout the whole day, a narrative of connections between people, heightened emotions, stylistic choices, moments in between moments and at the heart of it all is you, the Bride and Groom.

A few wedding day pics that popped up on Facebook

A few wedding day pics that popped up on Facebook


How did it all start?

After shooting so many weddings it seems a bit odd writing how it all came about, but quite simply, when Leanne and I got married in 2007 our wedding photos left us a bit underwhelmed.

I remember looking at our blurry and out of focus and so called "professional" wedding photos thinking "I could do better" and "people deserve better".

In 2009, I started my photographic career. By 2010, I was in a position to go full time and now, every time I pick up a camera, I aim to make sure no one feels like we did, and to be better at each and every wedding.



Wedding Awards

I invest heavily in my own re-training, it's important to keep challenging myself.

I teach and mentor other photographers, as well as being chosen by them to shoot their weddings, which is both daunting and flattering at the same time.

Despite all of this, it’s never made me forget my roots and why I do this: "People deserve better".

I've been fortunate to be named “Artist of the Year” by and “Best of the Best” by the Wedding Photographer Society amongst loads of other awards but for me, all the matters is that my couples are happy. 

That's why you'll see their words on the testimonials page and dotted around the website.


What this means for you!

Anyway, less about me, this is all about you guys!

You’re madly in love and planning an awesome party with all your friends and family and that, right there, is the magic that needs capturing.

Those quiet minutes, spent reflecting on a day, just the two of you, That instant the dance floor comes alive.  The discreet tear on dad’s face in the ceremony or the euphoria of congratulations and confetti just after.

These are the moments that make your wedding the best day of your lives, and I’d love to capture that for you.

Have a good look around the site and enjoy the photos but please don’t be shy, get in touch. I'd love to know all about you and your plans for your day.


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