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Hi, I'm Tim a wedding photographer from Lancashire...


Huge congratulations on your engagement and thanks for stopping by!

I'm a big believer that your wedding day and your wedding photos, should be packed full of fun!

Not only that, it should be one of the best days of your lives and I'd love to help you have that.

So whether you're getting married in Lancashire or further away, I've got loads of info on the site.

All my prices are online and there's hundreds of photos for you to check out and when you're ready why not see if I'm free on your date?


Wedding Photography Showreel


Some of my favourite photos ...

So it's now spring 2018. As much as I loved all the weddings in 2017, around Lancashire and further afield, they’re in the book now. Well, the various back up hard drives, but you get the idea. Now’s the time to look ahead to the rest of the years exciting weddings.

Still, while I’m talking about 2017, I'd love if you’d take just 3 minutes to check out this little video I've made.

It’s a selection of my favourite images from last year that show off just how many amazing little things happen on the big day.


Why choose me as your wedding photographer?

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Your wedding photos last forever!

It's true!  After the wedding day your photos are the one thing you look back on.

In ten years’ time you'll reminisce and in 50 you'll be showing the grandkids who their great grandparents were.  In a nutshell, I'm a storyteller.

What makes every wedding unique is the little moments that all come together to make your perfect day. 

I don’t just capture those moments, but how they feel, so that when you look at your photos you don’t just see your wedding.

You relive how it felt to be a part of it.

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Do you know your stuff?

I shot my first wedding in Lancashire in 2009 and 2018 marks my tenth year as a wedding photographer.  I've won some lovely awards and been to over 450 weddings. 

This is important, as what it means for you is that when I turn up on the big day I'm bringing with me a wealth of experience and creativity.

Why not take 30 seconds to check if I’m available for your date? There’s no obligation at this point, but it’s best to know if I’m free if you like the sound of what I do.


Your Wedding Story

There’s a bunch of elements that make up your wedding story.

At the core of it is you guys and your personalities. Once you add into the mix all your friends and family it creates the narrative of the wedding day.

Together, they all create those little moments that make your special day, well, special.

The trick is not just to photograph these moments but capture the essence and spirit of the day so you can relive it for years to come.


Wedding Slideshows

Putting the story together...

"There’s this wonderful feeling when you first see your wedding photos. It can be a bit emotional, as suddenly all the little details you’d forgotten come rushing back."

I like to make this feeling even more exciting with a slideshow.

The word “slideshow” might sound a little dull, but really it’s like a little HD movie, made up of the best photos from the day. Set to the perfect music, you’ll be wowed by just how powerful it is, as it brings the day to life again.

Now don’t panic, you’ll still get all the digital images sent to you. The slideshow is just a little bonus I include. Every couple I’ve made them for loves them, so they’re now included as standard.

West Tower Wedding Photograph.jpg


Keeping it real...

I’m passionate about my style of imagery. It’s natural and timeless whilst at the same time being progressive, bold and modern. I gauge my approach to each and every moment of the day. There are times to stand back and document from afar, and others where I have to get right in the thick of it and be part of the party. I should let you know that I avoid “Cheese” and I’ll never take cringeworthy photos of you and I’ll also never ask you to do something that would make you feel uncomfortable.




An introduction to how I photograph the wedding day

When it comes to picking your wedding photographer, most people want someone who shoots more candid, journalistic photos that aren’t posed.

Usually people want those natural images, in a beautiful setting, and maybe those traditional group photos too – alongside the key moments of the ceremony and all the action throughout the day.

Just so you know, that's all good with me

Here's a few guides to help you along:



Call it what you will: candid, journalistic or documentary photography. Basically, these are photos that aren’t posed.

I have my own way of shooting weddings. It's all born from experience, anticipating what is going to happen and when.

What this means is that I capture the more natural atmosphere of your wedding. It’s these photos that really help bring the memories back, as it’s those perfect moments that are preserved. And because I’ve worked in all the major wedding venues across Lancashire, I know where the moments tend to happen throughout the day, and can be ready to capture them at their best.


Yes! I do photograph formal group photos.

You’d be surprised how many photographers won’t show group photos on their websites.

They don’t want to be known for those kind of pictures.

I understand that, but shooting group photos and crafting them well is a big deal.

It’s not just a case of gathering people together, pointing and shooting.

Here's my guide on how I do them, what it means for you and why they are important!


You'll see them all over the site and I've got to say:

I do love photographing wedding portraits!

There's a few reasons I love doing them but mostly it's the challenge of creating something unique for every couple.

The creative and magical images look fab and I love the feeling of inspiration to always do better. It helps that Lancashire has some incredible venues with some stunning areas nearby, perfect for wedding photos!

One things for sure though.  There's one image of the bride and groom that always end up on the mantelpiece or in a frame on the wall...

Bride & Groom in the gardens of Leighton Hall at sunset

Creating the perfect shot

Truly stunning images rarely just happen. Taking a pretty good picture takes some skill, but taking a great photo can take refinement and a bit of teamwork.

There’s three elements to consider when crafting the perfect photo, the lighting, the composition, the moment.








When all three come together, something special happens. I’m constantly seeking inspiration to find new and exciting ways to capture moments as the day unfolds.

Although the story of your wedding day is the heart of the narrative, along the way opportunities arise such as landscapes, light or clever framing. I love to take a moment to harness this and create something you can treasure forever.


More Info

Wedding Albums

I have some fabulous wedding album manufactuers that make stunning books. 

They feature timeless covers, amazing papers and are the perfect way to enjoy your wedding photos.

In years to come, when you get your wedding album out for your kids or grandkids, it wont just bring back loads of amazing memories but how you actually felt on that day!


I’ve always worked to an ethos that things should be simple.

The same goes for choosing me to be your photographer and everything that's involved with that.

Every step of the way, every base is covered, meaning you don't have to worry about a thing.

From easy online booking, right until you receive your album and/or images and slideshow, you can rest assured that I'm on it!


What's Next

 wedding photograph at Knowsley Hall

Getting the ball rolling

First, it’s best to check I’m available for your date.

Once we’ve cleared that up, I always think it’s best we meet up, either in person if you’re local to Lancashire, or at least over Skype.

That conversation’s really important, as we get to know each other a little and find out whether I’m definitely the right photographer for you.

Fingers crossed I am, and we’ll go from there. We can discuss any special requirements you’ve got, what (if any) group shots you want on the day, and work out timings based on the plan you choose.

 Wedding portrait at Liverpools St Georges Hall

Your Wedding Venue

I can even tell you more about your chosen venue – there are very few, if any, in Lancashire and beyond that I’ve not photographed a wedding at before.

It’s all really simple and stress-free, so you can just relax. You’ve enough to think about with the flowers, rings, dresses and so on!

Remember, my only agenda, with the exception of capturing an awesome and creative photographic story of your wedding, is that you have the best day of your lives.