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Wedding Photographer, Lancashire & UK


Most of my couples tell me before they book that they don't like having their picture taken. I get it. I think the reason for this is most likely because you've never actually had a proper picture taken of you. I suppose this is one of the reasons you're looking for a professional photographer.

And trust me, you’re going to look amazing on your wedding day, so you will want some great shots of the two of you!

It's really important to me that I get you feeling comfortable in front of the camera, and a huge part of doing that is communication. 

As time is short on a wedding day, I might pose some of the shots, but with others it's a bit more like directing. After we've found a location, and the right light, it's then just a matter of how I put you in the frame and how creative we get.

A double exposure wedding portrait

What is a portrait anyway?

A portrait doesn't need to have you looking straight into the camera. I like to try and capture the magic in between moments and create something truly unique to you and your environment.

There is always one photo though that I take at every wedding, even though you won't see it on the website. It's essentially you guys, stood together, both looking into the camera. It’s this shot which always ends up on your families’ mantelpieces, windowsills and walls. It’s a classic.

A Wedding portrait of Zara and Jared in the fabulous garden at  Quarry Bank Mill  in Manchester

How long do they take?

Rather than have one epic session in the middle of the day, if possible I like to try and break them up into short shoots at different points in the day, depending on the weather, light and location.

Don’t worry – I won’t keep you from your party for too long.

A wedding portrait taken outside the amazing  Eaves Hall , a wedding venue owned by

What about sunsets?

If the weather is good and we’re blessed with some fantastic evening light, this is the best time to have some wedding portraits done.

Not only that but you'll be more relaxed after you’ve eaten, and these photos end up looking great.

There can be beautifully soft light at sunset especially at the award winning  Beeston Manor