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Wedding Photographer, Lancashire & UK


Taking group and family photos is hugely important, but you won't want these to take all day. They need to be organised quickly and efficiently, so you can carry on having fun!

With the way I photograph all the groups, it takes no more than 15-20 minutes. Not bad eh?  There's nothing worse than a wedding where you're stood hanging around in front of a camera all day!

All Guests group photo-001.jpg

Which Photos?

Don't go crazy with the shot list. I like to find out about your family tree and recommend which shots we go for so that you're not wasting your time.

If you want one, I'd always recommend having an all guests shot. Aside from the fact these look great on a double page spread in an album, it's the perfect record of everyone who attended your wedding.

I tend to start with this shot and then I'm able to let all the guests who aren't required after it go, so they can relax for the rest of the day.

Family & The Wedding Party

both sets of parents group photo-001.jpg

Grandparents, parents, siblings and the wedding party are really the only small group photos you're going to need. To make these as easy as possible, I'll start with one side of the family and add and remove people, so that we quickly work our way through each shot. For example, this set up works in most situations:

  • Grandparents

  • Bride’s parents and siblings

  • Bride’s parents

  • Both sets of parents

  • Groom’s parents

  • Groom’s parents and siblings

  • Bridesmaids, Best Man and ushers


I totally get it, you've got friends from uni, friends from work etc. and you might want a shot with them. I tend to recommend that you just give me a wave when you're chatting to them and then we get these naturally when you want to on the day.

They don't need to be over posed or formal like a typical Wedding Party photo. That way it doesn't add a huge amount of time stood in front of the camera.



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