Thank you so much for getting in touch, you'll be sent an email confirming your enquiry has been received and as a little surprise, here's some special hidden content not accessible on the normal website.

On the home page I write about slideshows and they're such a big part of how I deliver my service.  After the wedding I break down the deliver of your images into a few parts.  The main reason is getting hundreds of pics in one go can be seriously overwhelming and most couple dont know how to deal with so many.  So Part One is always a personalised slideshow.  It shows the narrative of the day where you can sit back and watch your whole wedding day from start to finish all whilst having a glass of wine or a beer ;-)

So here are four full client slideshows to have a look through, feel free to pick one at random (or watch them all if you like) but you'll need to set aside 20 minutes watch it all the way through.  Hopefully it will show you a couple of things about how I approach the day, the consistent high standards I work to and most importantly just how fun weddings can be... even someone elses!!!