FAQLoads of questions - answered right here!


Q: We like your stuff! Whats next?

A: Simply get in touch through the website, email, or by phone and I can check availability on your date.  If I’m free, I find it great to hold a bit of a Skype chat to get to know you guys, answer any questions and find out if we’re the right fit for each other.  If you’d like a face to face meet up thats no problem too, I’m based in lancashire and hold consultation at my home.

Q: How can we book?

A: Getting booked in is really easy, once we’ve had a chat/skype/meet up and you want me to be a part of it all, I’ll send you a link over to complete the online booking form.  Theres no contract to sign, at the bottom of the booking form are my terms and conditions of sale (which you will receive a copy of on booking) and by submitting the form, you’re accepting the t’s & c’s which are there to protect both you guys and me.

Q: Can you save the date for us?

A: Once you’re all booked in you’ve secured me! Sadly, dates can not be held without a completed booking form and deposit.  I’m more than happy to pencil your name on your wedding date but this does not secure it for you, sorry.

Q: How much is the booking fee and when is the balance due?

A: The booking fee is £250. This secures me for your date and is payable when completing the online booking form. It can be paid by Debit or Credit Card or by Paypal. The balance for the photography is due around a month before and is payable by bank transfer. If you’d like any additional products, these can be paid after the wedding when you know what you want!

Q: Who are the photographers?

A: Tim Emmerton (thats me!) is the main photographer and I shoot all my weddings. I also have several other professional photographers who I work with to assist me when people want a second photographer.

Q: Do I have to spend hours on my wedding day having pictures taken of me?

A: Depending on the venue and any client requests I like to split up my shots with the Bride and Groom, in the afternoon we’ll get a few shots but usually in mid summer the light is best in the evening so I might suggest to do some shots around then too.  Magic things happen to light later on in the day and its great to use it.  If you want some group photos thats cool too, I’m really efficient with these, all guests and then the VIP’s is good but do recommend no more than 10 line ups, that way you can be free to enjoy the day with your family and friends, which in my book is the way it should be!

Q: Should I have a second photographer?

A: It’s entirely up to you. There are benefits to having a second photographer, they can provide an additional edge to the photography from different viewpoints, spend time with the groomsmen in the morning and capture more of the guests enjoyment and candid shots. They can also help in speeding up the proceedings of the group shots and provide assistance in the portraits. They are a really good idea for the larger and destination weddings but are in no way essential.

Q: What equipment do you use and do you have back up equipment?

A: I currently shoot with Nikon Professional camera equipment.  I have several modern professional DSLR bodies and an array of lenses, gizmos, professional high end memory cards (very very important).  I’m also a member of Nikon Professional Services.  I’m a stickler for backing up too so that your images are safe and sound both on and after the wedding day … see back up procedures below for more!

Q: What will you wear on the day?

A: I like to be smart presentable but wont be wearing a jacket or a tie as I find they get in the way. I wear leather shoes, smart trousers and a shirt. I have never worn and never will wear jeans, track suits, tee shirts etc at a wedding, lets face it, its a bit inappropriate! :-)

Q: How many pictures do you take and do we get all of them?

A: I take hundreds and hundreds capturing the essence and story of your day alongside any formals too, the final amount is dependant on many factors such as the number of guests, the coverage you choose but I don’t think I’ve ever delivered less than 500 with 600-800 being the norm for a full day.

Q: What about copyright? Will we get charged if we want to print out the pictures ourselves or share them?

A: No, you do not need to worry about copyright.  Your images are fully licensed for personal use which means you can print or share them socially.  I’ll even help you find some great labs if you want prints or you can purchase them through your PhotoSite from a professional lab.  You can’t sell your pics to Hello Mag though!

Q: We don’t really want all day coverage, can we work something out?

A: I’m a big fan of covering your wedding story and that kind of does mean from the morning until the evening, but if you fancy less coverage please do ask.

Q: What happens to the pictures after you take them?

A: Post production is a massive part of the photography process and as a guide for every hour spent at a wedding there are three to four more spent making them look as good as they do and managing all those files.  I always aim to ensure your photos are classy and timeless. I never use tacky or dated techniques such as selective colouring, sepia or cyanotype. If you like that, I’m sorry but I’m probably not the right photographer for you, I’m passionate about my style and in 50 years your images should look just as great as the day you got them.

Q: What back up procedures do you have?

A: This is hugely important to me.  All my cameras write to two independent memory cards at the same time.  The contents of those cards is more important than anything.  As soon as I can, I make thee duplicate copies of all your images on multiple drives which also includes a RAID back up system.  Once I’ve completed the editing, and prepared all the images in JPEG format for you (which I recommend you back up as well), I currently keep five copies of your original raw files and edited jpegs.  I promise to keep them for 5 years but in reality I have no intention of getting rid of them and if in 50 years time you’ve lost your pics, I’d love to be in a position to help you again.

Q: Can we have the Raw files?

A: No. Sorry to be blunt but part of the creative process you invest in is the preparation your images, its a huge part of it all.  Raw images are a bit like raw meat, I suppose, its like going to a restaurant for an awesome meal and asking the chef for the ingredients as opposed to the meal he can create for you.

Q: How do we get the album arranged afterwards?

A: If you’ve chosen the type of album you want before the wedding all you need to do is let me know the images you would like in there, if not you might want to bob over and have a look at them again to select which style you like. I’ll need to know which album you want before I can design it as they are all laid out differently and have different specifications. You can learn more here.

Q: Are there any hidden costs?

A: No. The price for each level of coverage is all inclusive and the price you book at is the price you will pay on your wedding. The only time additional cost may arise is if any additional travel/accommodation will be required for the wedding or midweek pre wedding shoot (unless specifically included in your package) or if you would like to upgrade or add extra products like albums and frames.

Q: When will I get my pictures?

A: The first stage of delivery is the slideshow, it can be a bit overwhelming getting too many pics in one go and I’ve found the wedding slideshow to be the best way to enjoy your first look.  This is usually 4-6 weeks depending on the collection you choose.  Straight after that you’ll get all the digital images too.  Albums take a little longer as we need to choose your images, design and proof them, personalise the album and then get it made but more often than not, once we’ve ordered it they take around 4 weeks to arrive.

Q: What if you are ill on the day of our wedding and can’t make it?

A: Don’t worry, I have never had this problem. However, to plan for the worst, I am a member of a bank of professional experienced photographers who will take over.  In fact, I even have a plan in place for you if I happen to die before or after your big day.  Grim, but necessary!

Q: How much experience do you have?

A: I’ve been shooting weddings since 2009 and as of January 2015 I’ve taken the photos for over 300 weddings. I’m a dedicated, professional and full time wedding photographer.   That means I don’t have another job, run a portrait studio, or take school photos, or most importantly “play” at being a wedding photographer in my spare time.  I’m passionate about being the best that I can be and regularly retrain myself and invest in professional camera and post production equipment. I drive a modern and reliable vehicle which is fully serviced (which means the chances of me breaking down on the way to your wedding are very slim!) and finally I’m always pushing to be the best I can be so that you end up with an amazing set of timeless wedding photos.

Q: Do you only shoot weddings?

A: Pretty much! Back in the late “noughties” I used to photograph a wide range of  including traditional studio family portraits, sporting events and dogs (I do like taking pics of dogs though!) as a means of income and I decided that it was inappropriate to try and be a “jack of all trades”. When you do this, you never really master something.  Thats why I began to focus on shooting weddings. Photographing weddings well is quite a skill and one of the most challenging of genres of photography in my opinion.  Being able to draw on a mass of experience and training is priceless in making sure that my Brides and Grooms have the best day of their lives and get to remember it in the future through their amazing wedding story.  All that said however, in the last few years I have been asked to shoot for TV, Film, Editorial, Corporate and Lifestyle work each year for a handful of select clients when my wedding diary allows it.

Q: Do you have insurance?

A: I am fully insured and should a venue ever require it, copies of my insurance certificates are available on request.  As a side note, every couple getting married in the UK should consider purchasing wedding insurance too!

Q: We would like complete anonymity,  can you keep our wedding photographs totally private?

A: Yes, this is sometimes requested by people in the public eye.  There’s a charge for this service and I’ll create you a bespoke quotation, please let me know if this is important to you and I’ll explain how it works so you are protected.

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