Rivington Hall Barn Wedding - Amy & Sam

Rivington Hall Barn Wedding Photographer - Amy & Sam

Rivington Hall Barn Wedding

Amy and Sams wonderfully wet wedding day at Rivington Hall Barn was amazing!  Such an outstanding party and certainly not dulled by the weather!

The Ceremony was held in Bury at the magnificent Bury Parish Church, by one of the loveliest vicars I've ever met, and as Amy arrived the wind picked up, it began to spit and after a glorious ceremony and a run through some confetti to the car they were whisked off to Rivington in Lancashire, by which point the rain was torrential.

Now, I love light.  Especially light which has direction. It's one of the elements makes an image for me and can take it from cool to awesome.  Being a wedding photographer means a few things, most notably curating a story, but also creating as you go and when you're in the same room all day with 100 people, it can be a bit tricky.

As the day progressed I held off shooting any portraits until we got a few inside the glorious barn but I wasn't leaving it at that, I knew there would be more to give so I suggested we take some shots in the rain after it had gone dark, and with little persuasion, Amy and Sam we're up for it.  So, just a few steps outside the front door we got creative!

I got home I backed up the images had a quick skim, saw one I liked, did a light edit and sent an email to them with one frame from the rain and it said "I was hoping for something magical to give you, but to be honest, what we have is so much more".

I was kind of hoping they would see it at breakfast but I had no idea I'd get an email at 2 in the morning reading:

"Just on the way home and you've made me cry. That photo is amazing!!!!!! You're a legend. Thank you for being part of the best day of my life ever x"

And then it all went crazy on Facebook.  

Big thanks to my good friend and fellow pro photographer Jack Venables, from Australia for second shooting with me!


And finally, one of the magic shots ...