Lucy & Ben Wedding Photographs Astley Hall Chorley & Northcote Manor


I love small weddings, and Lucy and Bens wedding day at Astley Hall followed by a reception at Northcote Manor in Langho not far from Clitheroe, was no exception.  Lucy wore an amazing strapped gown and Ben had a rather cool suit!  The ceremony was great conducted by Malcolm and Louise from the Registrars office. The ceremony in Astley Hall in Chorley was brilliant .  I love Astley Hall at any time of year, its a really unique venue with the most amazing light and fantastic to photograph, and to be honest, it was just made for weddings!

The weather was fab, and the reception at Northcote was brilliant, intimate and also my first time there and I has some fantastic grounds to enjoy a drinks (or even play footy :-)

Now,  I've never put this on a post before but I know that, aside from Lucy and Ben (obviously) there is one very excited lady (yes thats you Tina!) who will be waiting to see these pics so I hope you enjoy them.  I've put a really good selection up from the day to tell the whole story.

Lucy and Ben, you guys so deserve each other, I hope you have fantastic lives together!



PS Dont forget Tina, theres a little box at the bottom if you'd like to leave any comments :-)

PPS Ben, thanks for thanking me in the speeches, I hope no one got a pic of me going bright red!