I am the worst blogger in the world!


You know, I really think a lot about how my presence on the internet is percieved, its a really big thing. I was chatting today to a chap about my little furry pal Radley but also about his web site and blogging.

Before I go on about blogging and stuff its probably about time I mention my four legged friend Radley. He's a 5 year old Cocker who (possibly) could be better behaved but enjoys not listening to me (grrrr). So I recently went for a walk in the peak district with a couple of my old housemates I lived with at uni (and coincidentally whose wedding I'm shooting later on this year) and they have a lovely Golden Cocker called Ruby, who is trained as a gun dog.

I have to be honest, I was jealous that Steve (my mate) had such control over Ruby and my pup, Radley, quite simply loved chasing ducks even though he cant swim anywhere near as fast as them :-). The bottom line, I figured it would be about time to give some training a try again and I'm booked in for an introductory session with Damian next week so he can see if its worthwhile training him up!

So, I told Damian from the Dog trainers I liked the design of his site and blog and we both discussed this whole blogging thing for a bit, and it got me thinking about how difficult it is to be eloquent, concise and have the drive to keep on top of a blog site.

I know people who blog and twitter everyday, and I wonder just how they manage it, and how it comes as second nature to them.  Anyway, I've got so much work to put up here and share with you its untrue! I promise one day I will get round to it, or at least some if it!

In the meantime, if you have a dog who needs training why dont you give Damian a call (top bloke) to see what he can do for you and finally, I'll try to write another post sometime this week too, maybe even one next week which says, my dogs the worst gun do in the world :-D.