Halstead House Pre Wedding Photographs


Its not often I ever do a pre wedding shoot at the venue where the couple are getting married but Halstead House in Leicestershire is one massive exception.  I'll be there on in September to shoot Anna and Davids wedding and since I've never been before I thought I should take a trip down, meet the couple, check out the church, suss the wedding venue and do some pre wedding photos all at the same time. I arrived early, and went to see the amazing All Saints Church in Lowesby and was blown away by its character and the area it was in too.  I looked around and thought, I can do a pre wedding shoot here, its fab!  Then on the way to Halstead House I spotted a fab wheat field, a great place for a shot, so I saved the location of an entry point on the tom tom (I always make sure that a farmers crop is never damaged taking shots in their fields) and carried on to Halstead House.

As I drove into Halstead I saw the little Handwritten sign saying Halstead House 500m, pulled on to the worn car park and began to take a walk around.  I was blown away! Totally blown away by the quaint, beauty and simplicity of the place.  All the signs are hand painted, the grounds are manicured but not to the extent that they look over the top, I had an immediate feeling that this is a very very special place!  As I walked round I knew there was so much to play with photographically that I could do both a wedding and a pre wedding shoot at the same place, which is not what can be said for many venues.

Anna and David booked me last year and I've never met them before yesterday. Anna found out about me through a client from last year, Andy and Stacey who had a marquee wedding in Whitwick Leicestershire, and booked me straight away and Andy and Stacey met me at their friends wedding the year before that at Sarah and Richards Wedding at Samlesbury Hall, its absolutely awesome to be referred like that.

Anyway Anna and David were ace, we had a sit down and a chat about the big day and their plans and then we had a walk to go and get some pics in the kind of places that I wont be using on the wedding day and even though we didnt need to go to Lowesby, I still thought we should head to the field! Halstead House is an amazing wedding venue and I'm very much looking forward to being just a little part of Anna and Davids Big day!

Heres some pics from the shoot and hope you like them!