Farington Lodge Wedding Photographs - Rachel & Steve


First of all this is a big post.  Theres over 300 wedding photographs on here and should hopefully give any prospective clients a really good idea of what a client can expect from their wedding photos.   The Groom is a friend of mine and when I first got into professional photography he gave me a boost and got me into some high profile events but before that he used to throw me around an Aikido mat for a few years and after you've been pummelled on a weekly basis by someone, you've either got to love them or hate them  :-) I first met Rachel at one of those events, Steve invited me to at a festival of 80's stars, one of whom included Nathan Moore (from Brother Beyond) who performed later on that evening too.  Rach was a lovely bride,  looked stunning in her shimmering white dress and was totally chilled out throughout the whole day. Steve was his usual affable, gregarious self!

Anyway, I love Farington lodge (its in Leyland, near Preston in Lancashire, in the North West), theres no shortage of backgrounds or architecture for wedding photos, its possibly one of the most versatile venues I know!  Also have to say thank to Martin Cahill for his help on the day.  He's joined me on to learn a bit more about photography and some of his pics are in here too.  Also, I took one of my favourite getting ready shots ever in this wedding, so simple but I just love it! Click here to see it on my Facebook if you're interested.

So heres some photos and as always I hope you like them, but I'll just let you know what Rachel said last week as it rocked my world:

"Just wanted to say how utterly fantastic our photo's are, you have captured everything and more! Thannnnnnnk you so so much you are amazing!!! We will be in touch for a album.  And the DVD well what can i say..........FANTASTIC!!!! I will be recommending you to everyone I know!!!"

"Thanks so much Tim you really did make the day special!"



I loved the Purple Ribbons on the front pillars, I've never seen that before, and while I'm at it, dual coloured chair ribbons rock!