Engagement Shoot - Pennington Flash

Couple stood on top of a mountain at sunset

Engagement Photos - Pennington Flash

Rowena and Stuart are getting married later on this year in the gorgeous Eaves Hall in Clitheroe and a few weeks ago we met up for a little pre wedding shoot!

What an awesome evening this was, a little walk in the park and someone was looking down us.  When I do a shoot I'm always looking for creative ways to take a shot but on this night with the gorgeous Rowena and Stuart, nature gave me a tool box and I honestly don't think I've ever crammed so much creativity into one shoot.

Its crazy, we had awesome light, amazing landscapes, geese flying over a just the right time, a still body of water for some ace reflections, a really strange rainbow in a cloud, cool silhouettes, and then we got the sunset over a lake, and boy was it a sunset. Does it get any better than this? Thats the question I keep asking myself.  So to Mother Nature and Rowena and Stuart, thanks for some of the best imagery I think I've ever made.