County Brides Magazine - Wedding Photographer of the Year Finalist

Well, I've just received a call from County Brides Magazine who have told me that I have been voted for in the category of Wedding Photographer of the year and am one of four finalists! A few weeks ago the wedding co-ordinator at Salmesbury Hall let me know about the competition and I thought, hey why not let people know about it.  So I put a status update on facebook and basically said, if you think I'm worth it would you vote for me.

Facebook is a great place for me to share my photography and over the last few years my friends have gone from 250 to just shy of 700 all because I like my clients to be involved in who I am, as its a big responsibility on their wedding day and also I believe a wedding photos should be easy for everyone to see and not just stuck on a hard drive!

So, over the last few years I have been pushing my limits and consistently aiming to make better wedding photos with hard work and practice and its been an amazing ride, the truth is I do it for the clients and also do it for me. The best bit is, that clients isn't really the right word, after the big day we pretty much end up being friends too.

Last week I was at Emma and Andrews wedding at the Tytherington Club (photos up soon) and in the morning one of the bridesmaids commented on how she was surprised that I was so excited the whole day and it got me thinking, even though I have seen hundreds of weddings, I never tire of the excitement and pressure on a wedding day.  I love it!

Heres the annoying thing though the awards ceremony is on a Friday and I'm photographing an amazing wedding at Cranage Hall in Cheshire for Alexis and David.  So I'll have to ask if the beautiful Mrs Emmerton will have to go in my place.

So even if I dont win it, I dont think I'll be too unhappy, just to be voted for is amazing and knowing that it was my clients who put me there is worthwhile.

So here's a massive thank you to all the people who voted for me, its really appreciated. Youre all Amazing!