Accountant Headshots - Ed Livesey


Well its definately headshot photography week this week. After shooting John this morning I went over to Ed's house for some more headshots.  Quite interestingly, Ed's a young bloke (I'm going to say late 20's so as not to accidentally offend him) and is a Charetered Management accountant.  So he does his day job with the Fairpoint Group but it turns out he has been nominated by his accounting peers to join the Board of Chartered accountants! Quite a feat at a young age I think! Anyway, part of the process is that people need to know what he looks like so he got in touch with me for some headshots.  I was keen not to make him look too formal.  As a young fella, we thought it might be best if his photos were relaxed to show a different side to the stigma that most professionals get, so we did!

I went over and we shot with great window light and some reflection to get these great pics.

Good Luck Ed, I hope it all goes well!