Best Wedding Photos of 2015

Best wedding photos of 2015 cover image


So I'm going start of by apologising for posting nearly 400 wedding photos in one go!  The problem is I wanted to include wedding photos from every wedding and engagement shoots that I’ve had the privilege of photographing this year.  As it turns out I’ve delivered around 42000 pics to my couples this year, 10000 of those have been made into slideshows and getting them to less than 1% of my work has been pretty tricky!

It’s tricky because this year has been quite simply phenomenal! I’ve had the most amazing couples, not just couples who are madly in love, nor those who embrace the whole wedding day and what marriage is all about but whats made it great is couples who believe so much in my style and what I do that on their day they’ve let me really push the boundaries for them and really approach things differently.

You won’t see any formal group photos in here or really traditional stuff, these are the pics that make my heart skip a beat, the wedding photos that tell a story in one frame, capture amazing light, push my creativity, photos that I remember being dangerous to take (like lying down in the middle of a main road or getting in the way of flying objects), or just cool wedding photos!

I’ve never done a look back blog post like this before and its been quite an experience going through all 42000 pics.  I’ve re-lived each and every wedding I’ve been to, felt the heart wrenching moments again, laughed at the stupid things that happened and been humbled by what an awesome year I’ve had.

So what made 2015 different for me? I let go of any preconceptions I had and literally approached each wedding with wide open eyes aiming to make every wedding as unique as the couples who got married.  I developed my style, and worked harder than I ever have done before to get great images.  I ditched zoom lenses and got closer to the action, I got up early and came home late.

I do have to thank my couples though, without them I really am nothing.  It’s also because of their feedback to the Judges of the Wedding Industry Awards that I was made a north west finalist which was FAB!  It’s so great to get recognition from the industry based on real client feedback.  

Then a few months later, I was named an Artist of the Year by  I really didn’t know about this until one of my Grooms told me about it!  That blew me away too!  Then on the back of all that I took a good look at the amazing couples who have booked me for 2016 and genuinely can’t wait to do it all over again.

So here we are, this was 2015 ….. bring on 2016!