Stanley House Wedding - Amy & trevor

 stanley house wedding photographer

Stanley House Wedding

Mellor Lancashire

I'm not going to talk for ages about how cool having a wedding at Stanley House is .... it just is! 

But these guys, we're amazing! 

Amy & Trevor are teachers and the whole day involved people from their every day lives, the kids form the school were the choir in Church, the Head Boy played piano, their Pub Quizmaster ran a quiz in the evening, it was genuinely non stop!  But to keep things simple here's just a few of my faves from the day!

 entrance at Stanley house
 engagement ring photo
 off camera flash photo of hairspray
 bride to be on the sofa with a vest top on
 girl looking in mirror
 light reflecting on face from a mirror
 fun bridesmaid with dress
 getting ready
 buttoning up the wedding dress and a silhouette
 photo of a church surrounded by trees
 register of marriages
 Five grooms men stood outside a church doorframe
 bridesmaids in a wedding car on a street with a row of terraced houses behind
 bride sat in car with wedding flowers
 chauffeurs holding wedding dress
 a bride with her father and four bridesmaids laughing outside a St Mary Magdalens C-of-E Church
 Close up of wedding flowers and the bride smiling
 old women reading the order of service
 Man doing a reading at the wedding ceremony
 Artistic photo of the bride and groom in the wedding ceremony with out of focus elements in the foreground and background
 Bride and Groom signing the register of marriage with all the wedding party behind them
 bride and groom smiling at the vicar
 walking up the aisle as man and wife
 The bride and groom leaving the church grounds whilst they are lined up on either side by all their guests who are throwing confetti on them
 The wedding car driving through the grounds of Stanley House
 Wedding portrait of the Bride and Groom with their two cars outside Stanley House
 Close up of a card being taken to show a magic trick
 Bride and groom laughing at a magic trick
 A beautiful portrait of the bride smiling with the groom in the foreground whilst guest look on
 Cows in the distance across the lawns of stanley house with children playing
 two male wedding guests looking interested
 The bride and groom cuddling during the speeches
 The bride is crying at her father's speech
 Guest toasting the speeches
 female guest looking emotional during the speeches
 holding his speech in front of him printed out on paper
 A natural shot of the bridesmaid laughing at the wedding
 man looking at camera and giving thumbs up
 the best man doing his speech

the best man doing his speech

 Wedding breakfast room at Stnaley House shown as a wide angle
 groom-laughing at best man's speech
 box with words the words Trevor and Amy on and their wedding date
 Portrait of the bride and groom at Stanley House with a cloudy sunset

Portrait of the bride and groom at Stanley House with a cloudy sunset

 The couple looking at each other from a low perspective showing her beautiful wedding dress
 black and white image of the bride and groom having their first dance
 guests on the dance floor with lights all around them
stanley house wedding
stanley house wedding
 Wedding photograph of the married couple with the sun setting behind them
 A stunning sunset as seen from Stanley House