2017 Best Wedding Photos

Wedding Photos - 2017

Well here it is, my favourite wedding photos of 2017!

What a year! I’ve travelled to far flung places of this green and pleasant land and stomped merrily around good old Lancashire too!Met loads of amazing people and discovered the joy of giving back by teaching young photographers.

I’ve been through a bit of journey over the past few years and in 2018 I’ll be embarking on my 10th year photographing weddings.  10 years!  I’ve seen nearly 500 couples tie the knot. I’ve seen first hand, genuine love, sadness, elation, worry, contentment, anger, sadness, surprise, anticipation, friendship and joy.  Its these emotions which make us truly human and it’s this humanity that is at the root of how I think I'm shooting weddings.

Of course, I always photograph beautiful frames of couples for the mantelpiece and walls of their homes but theres a genuine story with each and every wedding.It’s made of characters and has a beginning, middle and an end and the narrative winds it’s way through the story.It’s being exposed to all this raw humanity that has made a big difference to my mindset behind the camera.

When people enquire about booking me on the wedding day, I ask them to describe my work in a few words and I find this really interesting.My wedding photos have been described as “Energetic, exciting, fun, gritty, imaginative, inspiring, intimate, playful, natural, powerful and reflective” amongst a whole load of other terms, the one thing I feel that binds it all together is how human it all is.To me that means I’m keeping it real and in a world of over processed imagery all over social media, I’m pretty pleased with that.

By focussing on the emotions of the characters in the story, my fab couples, their families, their friends and the spirit they all bring to such an amazing time in someones lives I get to show off all the good stuff. That, right there is what it’s all about for me.There’s a certain purity to it, and I aim for my couples to have that emotional connection to their wedding photos, I want them to be able to relive just how they felt on one of the biggest days of their lives and that’s priceless!

Anyway, check out the video and here's 15 randomly chosen frames from it, it’s been an honour to photograph so many amazing wedding days, I've got big plans for 2018 and can’t wait for what it holds.