So heres a few personal pics of a quick trip round to my friend Nicolas in Chorley, Lancashire.

Nics had a beautiful baby girl called Abbie and she really is the cutest, a few weeks ago she asked if I could take some pics of her and I totally forgot.  Now the truth is, I’m not a baby photographer.  I tried once or twice before but there really is two things you need to have oodles of to be a good (and I mean good) baby photographer. Patience and talent.

Some of you probably know I’m a firm believer in aiming to be a master of something rather than a jack of all trades, which is why I’m a wedding and portrait photographer and to be honest if I start trying to focus on something else (like babies) then the thing is you risk becoming that jack of all trades.

Those of you who know me, know that Leanne and I dont have kids which means I’m lacking in some serious parental skills to understand babies and also probably the patience side of it too.  Kids at weddings are great, if a baby cries, you leave it, if it looks cute you photograph it.  A proper baby shoot should take place over several hours and it can mean a lot of waiting and trying to force.  Anne Geddes is a great example of someone who had those skills and created some of the finest baby art in the 80’s.  Theres an american movement of putting newborns in slings and in cute wraps, it looks cool, really cool but, sadly guys its just not me.

Anyway, back on track, sorry for rambling, so I bobbed over to see Nic and what was intended to be a few informal baby pics ended up being more of a dog shoot.  Abbie is absolutely gorgeous and Toby, well, he is one of the cutest fun dogs I’ve ever met (sorry Radley).  So rather than just put up a few, heres the story of my little trip out……

Greeted at the door by two lovely ladies! However, Abbie doesnt seem thrilled to see me!

So Abbie is cute but Toby, was desiring a lot of attention, was very excited and I am a big dog lover so tried to chill him out, but it turned out he doesnt like cameras!

Thats right Abbie, whack your hands in Mums mouth!

So I set about finding somewhere to take a nice pic. Rule number 1, Nice light, Rule Number 2, Background, Rule number 3 err, get Toby off the bed!

But Toby wasnt really for moving, he’d rather be in the way!

Dog off the bed, a quick test shot with Babooshka on my 50mm, spot on! Wang the baby on the improvised background, and already shes looking way too cute! Wait for a smile and hope for no tears….

Boom! There it is, above left, how damned cute is she!

Anyway then it went a bit downhill, so Abbie decide to fall to on her side and Toby ……

Well Toby was back on the bed as quick as a flash and decided that he would try scary looks at me, but he’s too cute

So out with the horsey for Abbie to calm her down and Toby, thinks hang on, I want that! I want that bad!

Nic of course told him “no” at which point Toby thought, you know what Tim, I’m ready for my shoot now, why are you taking all these pics of a baby?

or maybe I just want the horse! Personally, I think the horse looks scared, really scared.

Then it was big “no” time and Toby decided to do what most cute dogs do, look depressed, cute but depressed, but you know, still very cute!

Oh yeah and there was a Cat but I cant remember its name (sorry Nic)

Well to be honest at this point Abbie was really not up for it. Toby, was having a sniff of the Cat, these have been censored, its a family web site you know!

Then in true Dog style, his attention went to the great outdoors and the tasty looking soft toy.

That toy, seriously would wish it had never been born, but Toby was loving it and I love to see happy dogs!

Jump! Lick!

Drop! Throw!

Catch! Lunge!

And finally, Kill!

Not the Toy!

The Photographer!

Only Kidding! :-)